Black Lava Rocks for Landscaping

    Whether you want a look and feel of Hawaii, or want to create your own themed landscape, our black lava rocks for landscaping is the perfect material to use.

    Utah lava rock, which is our natural black lava rock, is much lighter weight than much heavier Hawaiian Black Lava rocks. Our Lava Rock really is what is called: foamed obsidian, which is a light weight volcanic rock glass that is filled with air pockets. If it was not to have those air pockets in it, it would be like black glass or obsidian. You may have seen this black volcanic glass, obsidian, in a Native American culture. The American Indians used black lava, or obsidian to make arrow heads. But, once obsidian is foamed, mixed with gases, it becomes a light weight volcanic rock and no longer is useful for making arrow heads.

    More Black Lava Rock for your Money

    When landscaping with lava rock or any other ground cover, you measure the area and figure out the square feet or square yards that are needed. Most all landscape material is sold by the ton, and each material will have a different cubic yard weight to it. As an example common sand tips the scale at 2000 pounds per cubic yard or one ton. Most gravel weighs about the same as sand does per cubic yard. Our one and a half inch black lava rock for landscaping tips the scale at roughly 1,000 ponds a cubic yard, which is about half the weight and thus half the cost. This is a great cost savings to landscapers, especially when paying by the ton and hauling by the ton, this material to the work site.

    Some of our most popular Black Lava Rocks for landscaping are:

    Boulders by Request

    Black Lava Rock Landscape Mix

    Black Lava Rock, 1 and 1/2 inch size

    Black Lava Rock, 1 inch size

    Black Lava Rock, 3/4 inch size

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    Please take Note:

    ALL black lava rock has some red in it and All red lava rock has some black in it!

    We try to keep the colors as pure as possible, but beyond our control, the colors were naturally mixed at the time of the volcanos creation and also to some degree in the course of the mining process. It is always our goal and best interests to create the purest red lava rocks and the purest black lava rocks as possible.