FireRocks Offers a Variety of Sizes For Your Lava Rock Project Needs!

Bulk Lava Rock Prices vary upon gradation and availability.
Shipping requirements are that the trailer must have an open top from which to load into.
Bulk Lava Rock Generally is Sold By the Truck Load which usually is between 23-24 tons of lava rock.

Contact Lee at (435-759-2594) for current prices and product availability.
Generally the ballpark figures are close to $65 per ton for bulk Lava Rock.


Palletized Bulk order is any order requiring:
tote bags, pallets, extra manpower for handling, equipment operation, etc.
The cost generally is around $150 per ton.

If samples of the Lava Rock product, size, color, are required:
The customer must order that size and color from the list of products available, which can be found at
The contents of a Medium sized USPS flat-rate box would be a good example of the products size gradation and color.

The customer must arrange for their own Bulk Lava Rock Shipping. "Does not have any list of suitable shipping agents nor any recommendations".

The customer is welcome to order any quantity as long as it is in 1 ton increments.
Please keep in mind that the fewer tons there are, the higher the shipping costs are per ton.
Also when making arrangements with your shipper ask if they are willing to haul smaller amount orders, and at what cost.
Freight has been averaging about $700 to New York and $300 to California, per ton.

One ton palletized totes are available for box trailers and flat-beds.
These totes are close to 2 cubic yards in volume,
and are made out of tough white plastic fabric
with 4 webbed loops at the top for lifting
and tie shut at the top, encasing the product completely.
The cost for palletized bulk orders include:
tote- bag, manpower/heavy equipment usage, pallet.
Each tote sack holds between 1,700 TO 2,000 lbs. depending on the product's color and gradation.

For Bulk Order invoicing: Contact

The Customer must arrange and pay for their own shipping.

Tell your shipper, when making your shipping arrangements, that the pick-up location is in Fillmore Utah.

The address for load pick-up is at:

5865 West 200 south, Fillmore, Utah 84631

Dispatch must call
and to schedule a pick-up date and time.

If the shipper's driver is later than 15 minutes of that schedule date and time,
the driver "will not be loaded".

A new schedule date and time then must be arranged by the drivers/shipper's dispatcher.
"Not by the driver"
"Not by the customer"
The time it takes to load and go for the driver, is less than 30 minutes.
Truck platform scales are on site.

These are busy people with tight daily schedules and quotas to meet.

Their time is money, messing with that means loss of revenue, which is never a good thing for anyone.