Lava Rock Soil Conditioner

    Lava Rock as a Soil conditioner is the perfect way to increase plant grow and fruit yields.

    We are the best source for nature's volcanic origin fertilizer. High in elements that plants need and love.

    Plants are able to break it down and get what they need from it, but we help them by making a product just for them. Our Black 3/8 minus is perfect when used as an amendment to you soil.

    Many people use our lava rock soil conditioner in their specialty recipes for their hard to please or difficult to raise plants.

    Black lava rock is PH neutral so there is no surprises or learning curves to work with.

    Try some today, you and your plants will be glad your did.

    Potting Soil Conditioner

    Please Note:
    Not a Complete Potting Soil Black 3/8 minus lava rock is not intended for use as the sole ingredient for potting soil. It is best used as an additive to your current potting soil mixture or recipe.

    Black 3/8 minus, Perfect for all types of plants.

    Medium Flat-Rate USPS
    about 1/3 cubic foot

    Large Flat-Rate USPS
    about 1/2 cubic foot