Lava Rock Briquettes for Gas Grills

    BBQ Rocks

    Using a gas grill or outdoor barbecue (BBQ) is a great way to cook year round. And cooking over Lava Rock Briquettes adds that special favor to your grilling. By dispersing heat evenly and by catching the drippings that become carbonized; the smoke from which adds that little extra smell and flavor that we have come to love and associate with BBQ Grilling.

    There is no need to pay extra for a pretty bag!

    We ship the Lava Rock Briquettes in plain old boxes, USPS flat-rate boxes, because after all, you are buying lava rocks for gas grills, not the pretty packaging that you will be getting rid of once you are done filling up your grill with them.

    These briquettes measure on average 1 and 1/2 inches, they are the standard of gas grill or BBQ lava rocks. Use lava rocks or lava Briquettes to save the bottom of you gas grill and to add that extra desired favor to your BBQ grilling.

    $14.00 Plus Free Shipping
    6 lbs