Red Lava Rocks for Landscaping

    Most people think of Black Lava Rock. However we also have Red Lava Rock for landscaping also. In fact, red is our most popular landscape material. The only difference between red and black is the iron content, red having 2 times the iron.

    Our red lava rock is popular for use as pathways, in rock gardens or as a general ground cover. We also have large to very large red lava boulders which are unique and add character or interest to any landscaping project.

    Red lava can vary in color, from dark reds that are almost maroon to light reds that appear almost orange in color. But mostly our red lava rock is a mixture of every color of red in between these two extremes.

    Red Lava Rock is available in the following sizes:

    Boulders (Contact us for size and availability)

    Red Lava Rock Landscape Mix

    Red Lava Rock size 1&1/2 Inch

    Red Lava Rock size 1 inch

    Red Lava Rock 3/8 minus inch

    Bulk Red Lava Rock for Landscaping by the semi-truck load Click here

    Please take Note:

    ALL Red lava rock has some black in it and All Black lava rock has some red in it!

    We try to keep the colors as pure as possible, but beyond our control, the colors were naturally mixed at the time of the volcanos creation and also to some degree in the course of the mining process. It is always our goal and best interests to create the purest red lava rocks and the purest black lava rocks as possible.